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My Goal


Photos can be stressful, especially for couples who don't enjoy having their picture taken. That's why my number one goal is to take the stress off of you and help make your photo experience fun. I encourage all my clients to book an engagement session with me so that I can get a sense of your style, and I have all of my couples fill out a short questionnaire to guarantee they get the photos they want.



I am based out of Chicago, but frequently shoot weddings in my home town of South Bend, IN. I  recently graduated from Columbia College Chicago where I studied photography and fine arts. My fine art work focuses on issues surrounding mental health, memory,

and what makes a home. I use a variety of mediums including installation based work, lithography, screen printing, paper-making, and experimental darkroom photography processes. When I'm not making art, I'm most likely reading, badly playing the guitar, or snuggled up with my rescue dog Elise watching a movie.

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